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Get a TASTE (Transformation, Authenticity, Style, Trust, Entertainment) of the Dr. Carolyn Show. Watch our past shows and experience the joys, the tears and the triumphs all over again.


Meet Joan T. Randall, Speaker, Life Coach, Best Selling Author, and the Victorious You Strategiest, who at one point was ready to take her life as her rehearsed her death and the death of her two children.  Joan at the time was married to an abusive man, who mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually abused her in front of her two children.


She eventually got to a breaking point and decided that it was easier for her to take her life and her two daughter’s life.  Joan decided that she would rehearse how they were all going to die.  


Watch this episode to find out more……

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Meet Patrick Snow, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author, Book Publisher and Business Strategist who have experienced brokenness from the losing his full time six figure job, to a terrible relationship split that ended up in divorce and his ultimate breaking point was loosing his mentor and best friend, his father.  Watch to see how Patrick was able to overcome.

Watch this episode to find out more……

dr. carolyn anderson, talk show, nbc, network, faith, finance, health, coaching, patrick snow

Meet Erica Mitchell, Body Builder Champion, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, who went from being severely obese, depressed, giving up her children and giving up on life.  Learn how she was able to go through the process of trauma and loss and use that to become who she is today. 

Watch this episode to find out more……

dr. carolyn anderson, talk show, nbc, network, faith, finance, health, coaching, erica mitchell, bodybuilding


Meet Kathleen Day, Damaysi Vazquez, Treal Ravenel, and Sharon Ann as they share about Relationships, Relocation, Dating and Destiny.  


This is going to be an amazing Show. Dr. Carolyn will be featuring the 7 Queens who were recently crowned in the 2017 USA Ambassador Pageant.  What’s unique about this pageant is that, you can be 10 or 60 and wear the crown.


Join Dr. Carolyn Anderson for "The Dr. Carolyn Show" with guests:
- Leah Frazier, Fashion Expert and Model
- Marla Viturello, Mrs. U.S.A. Ambassador
- Kyla Lima, Miss U.S.A. Ambassador Junior TeenYou don’t want to miss this show!



Dr. Carolyn interviewed leaders from different walks of life and their journey to the top.

Success is defined in different ways and each of them will share their different leadership perspective, coming into the knowledge of their purpose and help to answer the question: Is Leadership on the line?

Guests include:
Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, LHD, International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated
Bishop Bill Hamon with Christian International - Santa Rosa Beach, FL
- Dr. Helen Griffith, President & Founder of e3 Civic High
Elise Lininger, CEO of Success Coach for Elite Female Entrepreneurs


Dr. Carolyn reflected on a very traumatic moment in the history of the United States and the World; September 11, 2001. Dr. Carolyn is an Army Veteran, so this show was quite patriotic.

She spoke with a couple guests who remembered the day like it was yesterday. While this day is traumatic for many, on the flip side, it's a day of celebration for others. Over 2000 children were born on 9/11/2001 and today so many others are celebrating birthdays, wedding anniversaries and the like. Dr. Carolyn had also had a firefighter on the Show, who shared about what it was like being a firefighter around that time and today.



On Preview Episode 6 of Dr. Carolyn Show, we talked to Women Presidents from various organizations and discussed their leadership journey.

Guest lineup included:
- Dr. Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, LHD, President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated
- Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario, President of Recapturing The Vision, International and affectionately known as "America's Marriage Coach."
- Sherry Fields - Leader in Network Marketing

We discussed their leadership styles and get each of their viewpoint on Leadership of Today. We talked about the different generational leadership styles and had a healthy discussion on how each guest overcame challenges, barriers, ups and downs to be where they are today.

As a framework, we discussed what it’s like being a female president today. 

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