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Dr. Carolyn has been in her profession for over 20 years. She is a Life, Relationship, Career, Marriage and Family Coach and have experiences that ranges from Death to Life. If you would like advice from Dr. Carolyn, please click on one of the topics below to share your story. If your story is selected, you could appear on The Dr. Carolyn Show, premiering this winter.




Are you struggling with your weight and need help?

Do you believe you have a mental illness?

Are you starving yourself?

Are you being abused emotionally and need help?


Do you need help with your Marriage?

Are you having difficulties finding the right partner?

Do you need Dr. Carolyn to hook you up?

Want to be on Battle of the Sexes Show?

Is it difficult for you to love again?

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Have you lost hope?

Do you need to forgive someone?

Are you struggling with brokenness?

Do you live your life in FEAR?

Do you feel like your mind is taking you over?


Is money issues breaking up your marriage?

Are you drowning in debt?

Do you overspend? 

Have you had financial courses?

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